Dear Parents,


In the craziness of this afternoon, I completely forgot about sending home your child’s progress report.  I am sorry.  I will send them home tomorrow with your child.


Thanks for understanding,


Mrs. Hall

Study Sheet



Today your child should have brought home a study sheet.  One side has important shapes to learn; the other side has key words to help your child remember whether to add, subtract, multiply, or divide in a word problem. Please keep this paper in a safe place and periodically quiz your child on the information given. Not only will this help in them in Math this year, it will also help them next year in fourth.


Thank you for your help and support!




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Easter Party

Third grade will be having an Easter Party on Friday, March 29th, from 9:30-10:30.  Your student will need to bring 12 filled and taped Easter eggs to school by Wednesday, March 27th.  Please no chocolate (it melts).  Little prizes or other non chocolate candy would be appreciated.  Remember: NO NUTS  Your student will be provided with a basket to use during the hunt.

Early Release that day will be at 12:00 noon!

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Week of March 18th-22nd

Hope everyone had a great Spring Break!  I soaked up as much sun as possible gardening, playing with my son, and reading in the swing.

This week in Math we will be introducing perimeter and area.  Perimeter is the fence around your yard or the walls of your bedroom.  Area is the grass in your yard or the floor of your room.

Perimeter Song         Perimeter and Area

Book orders will be due Friday, March 22nd

There will be a vocabulary and a spelling test on Friday.

Vocabulary Words:

1. central – of or forming the center; near the center; middle

Tornado Alley is in the central part of the United States.

2. form – to make, produce, or develop

Frightened, yet amazed, we watched the tornadoes form right before our eyes.

3. career –  occupation, profession, or employment
Synonym: job, work, livelihood

Teaching is an extremely rewarding career.

4. clasped- a firm grasp or grip

We were told to walk quietly in the hallway with our hands claspedbehind our backs.

5. community –  all the people living in a particular area or place; a locality
inhabited by a group
Synonyms: society, neighborhood, populace

Our community is one of the safest and friendliest in the United States.

6. kneel – to go down or rest on one or both knees

The Tornado Safety poster instructed us to kneel down as close to the floor as possible.

7. masses – a  large body of air with only small horizontal variations of temperature, pressure, and moisture

When cold and warm air masses meet, the conditions are right for tornadoes to develop.

8. meteorologist  – one who studies meteorology; one who reports and forecasts weather conditions

We were gloomy when the meteorologist forecasted rain on the day of our community parade.

9. tornadoes – a rotating column of air ranging in width from a few yards to more than a mile and whirling at destructively high speeds, usually accompanied by a funnel-shaped downward extension of a cumulonimbus cloud

On the Fujita Scale, the tornadoes that hit our town were all F2’s.

10. weather – The state of the atmosphere at a place and time as regards heat, cloudiness, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc.

Springtime is my favorite because of the incredibly beautiful weather.

11. drama- a play for theater, radio, or television

I definitely want to be involved in the drama club when I enter middle school.

12. scene – small division of a play within an act that marks a change of characters, place or action.

There were eight scenes in the play that my group was acting out.

13. dialogue-two or more people speaking to one another on stage

The dialogue between the two characters made us laugh hysterically.

14. stage directions – an instruction written into the script of a play, indicating stage actions or movements of performers

The narrator was told NOT to read the stage directions aloud when narrating the play.

15. scenery -part of the set that shows the location of the scene or play, usually on the backdrop

Because of their artistic talents, the scenery for our play was absolutely gorgeous!


Spelling Words

1.  learn ~ We will learn the rules to the game in P.E.

2.  little ~ The pencil was too little to use anymore.

3.  children ~ The bus holds three children to a seat.

4.  play ~ If it doesn’t rain, we will play outside.

5.  city ~ That family moved from the big city of New York.

6.  there ~ There is a dog over in the empty field.

7.  point~ Did you understand the point your teacher was trying to make?

8.  about ~ We heard what the fight was about during lunch.

9.  which ~ I can’t decide which dress I like the best.

10.  its ~ The dog had a sticker in its paw.

11.  young ~ The child was too young to ride the roller coaster.

12.  toward ~ The car was going toward the bike riders.

13.  school ~ We did not have any school last week because of Spring Break.

14.  four ~ The president chose four men to represent our state.

15.  were ~ The cars were stolen from the car lot.

16.  ever ~ Do you ever walk with your eyes closed?

17.  said ~ The man came over the loud speaker and said to leave the building immediately.

18.  called ~ Mom called me on her cell phone to see when I was coming home.


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Upcoming Information

Yesterday Mr. Gilbert, our superintendent, announced that there will not be school this Friday, March 8, in order to allow families to travel to Austin to see the White Oak basketball team compete for the state title.  This day will made up on Good Friday, March 29, and will be an early release day.

As a result, our spelling test and vocabulary test  for this week has been moved up to Thursday, March 7.

Also, a letter with your child’s benchmark results in reading and math will be sent home today, Tuesday, March 6.



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Important Dates

Important Dates :

Tuesday, February 26, Math Benchmark, practicing like STAAR.  Please no cell phones or other electronics this day, leave at home

Wednesday, February 27, Early Release for students at 12:30, teachers will be attending training.

Thursday, February 28, Reading Benchmark, practicing like STAAR. Please no cell phones or electronics this day, leave at home.

Thursday, February 28, Report cards come home

Fliers  are coming home today about Camryn Noll, eight month niece of primary teacher Rhonda Noll.

Camryn is fighting a life-threatening disease and White Oak Elementary will be having a “Coins for Camryn” campaign the week of February 25 – 29.  Students may bring spare change or donations to school,  and families are asked to keep Camryn and her family in their prayers.  In addition, students are encouraged to follow the daily themes written below:

Monday, February 25:

“More Hugs For Camryn” –  Students may bring a stuffed animal to school.

Tuesday, February 26:

“Team Camryn” –  Students may wear a shirt from their favorite team (White Oak, college, or pro)


Wednesday, February 27:

“Wishing Sweet Dreams For Camryn”  –  Students may wear dress code appropriate pajamas and tennis shoes to school.


Thursday, February 28:

“Thinking About Camryn”  –  Students may wear a hat to school.


Friday, February 29:

“Funny Faces For Camryn”  –  Students may wear face paint to school (no bloody or scary face paint please.)

Geometric Shapes


Last week  in math we began our study of geometric shapes.  The first week we covered our 2-D shapes. This  week, we are  discussing 3-D shapes.  In the weeks to come, we will also discuss lines of symmetry and congruency.

To wrap up our week long study, the students went on a 2-D shape scavenger hunt on the school playground.  The class was divided into groups and each group was responsible for finding nine different shapes.  They used iPods to take pictures of their findings. Within the next few days, each group will create a slide show with the shapes they found.  As the videos are created, the students will post them to their individual blogs.  Be sure to check all their hard work out and don’t forget to comment!


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Solving Word Problems


These are the steps to solving word problems that our class practices daily. 

Step 1: “Read the problem carefully” ~ We read the problem 2 times.

Step 2:  “Underline the facts” ~ We underline our question.  We look at the subject of the question. We then underline or circle any numbers that pertain to that subject.

Step 3:  “Draw a picture” ~ A picture is drawn to help us understand what is happening in the problem.

Step 4:  “Write a number sentence” ~ We set up the problem.

Step 5:  “Solve the problem” ~ We always show our work when solving the problem.

Step 6:  “Check the answer” ~ We make sure our answer is reasonable and that we have bubbled in an answer.


Image of poster by “Steps to Solving Word Problems”

Math Update

We are continuing our study of fractions.  We have read, written, and constructed fractions.  Last week we discovered equivalent fractions.  Equivalent fractions are two or more fractions that are equal.     1/2 and 2/4 are equal fractions.   1/3 and 2/6 are equal fractions.     This week we are comparing fractions, are the fractions greater than, less than or equal to.   1/2 is greater than 1/3     2/4 is less than 4/5    Remember: The bigger the denominator the smaller the pieces.


Math homework: Motivation Math (MM) pages 59-60, a review  of multiplication.  This week only Math homework is due on Friday because of holiday Monday.