Important Dates

Important Dates :

Tuesday, February 26, Math Benchmark, practicing like STAAR.  Please no cell phones or other electronics this day, leave at home

Wednesday, February 27, Early Release for students at 12:30, teachers will be attending training.

Thursday, February 28, Reading Benchmark, practicing like STAAR. Please no cell phones or electronics this day, leave at home.

Thursday, February 28, Report cards come home

Fliers  are coming home today about Camryn Noll, eight month niece of primary teacher Rhonda Noll.

Camryn is fighting a life-threatening disease and White Oak Elementary will be having a “Coins for Camryn” campaign the week of February 25 – 29.  Students may bring spare change or donations to school,  and families are asked to keep Camryn and her family in their prayers.  In addition, students are encouraged to follow the daily themes written below:

Monday, February 25:

“More Hugs For Camryn” –  Students may bring a stuffed animal to school.

Tuesday, February 26:

“Team Camryn” –  Students may wear a shirt from their favorite team (White Oak, college, or pro)


Wednesday, February 27:

“Wishing Sweet Dreams For Camryn”  –  Students may wear dress code appropriate pajamas and tennis shoes to school.


Thursday, February 28:

“Thinking About Camryn”  –  Students may wear a hat to school.


Friday, February 29:

“Funny Faces For Camryn”  –  Students may wear face paint to school (no bloody or scary face paint please.)

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