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Third Graders are hard at work on designing their grand cities.  On Tuesday, we received a call from our state governor, Mr. Rick Perry (aka Mr. Lobue).  The children were assigned constructing companies (groups) and then chose their desired jobs (based on their skills and talents). Wednesday, we enjoyed two guest speakers: former White Oak mayor, Mr. Joe Carrington and an engineer from Longview, Mr. Camp. So far, children have decided what buildings they want in their cities (based on size of city), are discussing and viewing various shapes and layouts of buildings, and many have already started the blueprints of their cities.

Next week, students will actually start constructing their 3D Geometric City and creating  city brochures. We need supplies for this. Please send in craft items such as rinsed out 1/2 pint milk cartons, rinse out food containers (such as yogurt, sour cream, etc.), markers, cardboard, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, ribbon, empty fruit snack, pop tart, or cereal boxes, play dough, leftover wall paper,  city/state/travel brochures, appropriate magazines (travel would be perfect), and anything else your child could use on their 3D city or brochures.

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